Life is full of surprises. While some are good, others can be devastating. So planning for challenging or unexpected events is crucial to ensure your security – and safeguarding the best interests of your loved ones. 

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Tailored Approach to Your Needs


Everyone's situation is different, which is why I tailor my recommendations based on your unique needs. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building a better financial future for yourself and your family. You need to align your plan of action with your objectives and the vision you have for your future. 

Enjoy peace of mind using comprehensive action plans based on all kinds of financial matters, including:

• Life insurance protection

College funding

Business planning using life insurance

Mortgage protection

Estate planning

Disability Insurance

Long-term care Insurance




Professional Financial Services







Planning for retirement has twofold benefits — you can reduce your tax liability and ensure your livelihood and comfort in your later years. Let's help you figure out which type of account would be most beneficial for you — a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or Roth IRA.

. ODG ENTERPRISES, INC and  its employees, NYLIFE Securities or its affiliates does not provide tax advice. Please consult your own tax professional regarding your situation.


Protect your family, household, and business in the event something were to happen to you. I can help you determine the best type of coverage for your specific circumstances so that you can have peace of mind.

This includes: 

Long-term care Insurance
Life insurance 


Make your money grow. Investing provides you with a way to supplement your retirement. But knowing how to allocate your funds is essential to yielding maximum results. We'll look at risks and returns, and which types of investments (mutual funds, annuities, IRAs, or alternative investments) make the most sense to reach your financial goals.

Work Place Benefits

As your company expands and grows, so does its needs. One of the main questions that prospective employees have before they take a new position is, “What type of benefits do you offer?” We help businesses create group benefit plans that are affordable to your company budget while helping to attract new employees and retain your current talent.

We also help you plan for future growth, prepare for taxes and develop succession plans. The services we provide include, but are not limited to:


Retirement Plans
Group Life and Disability Plans
Buy-Sell Agreement Life Insurance
Key-Employee Life Insurance
Business Planning Strategies
Employee Life Insurance

College Funding

Higher education in this country is often cost-prohibitive. So the more you plan for this expense, the better your ability to save your children from this burden. The earlier you start, the better — although it's never too late to start planning to help them. 


Let's Connect






I am Oliver Douglas Gray Jr, also known as "O.G". I assist families in creating generational wealth
for their loved ones and helping to provide peace of mind when you and your family need it most.
My passion for helping people started when I was 17 years old living in Philadelphia, PA.

My father was 36 years old suffering from kidney failure. After going out to dinner one Friday night
he came home only to wake up barely being able to stand up due to the malfunction of his
kidneys. While in the hospital my father passed away on the morning of my senior prom.
He had no life insurance to leave for me and my sister who was 11 years old at the time.

This experience is why I am so passionate about helping people!


Areas of Expertise



Life insurance Securities products and services


Long-term care Insurance

Lifetime income strategies


Who We Help

Families: ODG Enterprises Inc. Financial Services provides individuals and families with products and services to help protect you throughout the stages of life. We help you navigate where you are going and how to get there.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Many of the clients we work with are successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Building and maintaining a business can be challenging, yet very rewarding. We offer services for your financial needs in every stage of your business cycle. Some of the services we provide are: Key Person Insurance, Buy/Sell Insurance, Liquidity Planning, Estate & Tax Planning, Exit Strategy Planning, Executive Benefits/Compensation.

Pre-Retirees: Planning for retirement can begin to unearth many uncertainties and as you get closer to retirement it is important to make sure that you have taken the proper steps to maximize what will be available during retirement. We provide routine financial reviews to keep you on track and assist clients with reaching their goals.

Healthcare Professionals: Early on in the development of ODG Enterprises Inc. Financial Services we realized that health care workers have many needs that can quickly go under served. Frequent job transitions, leaving retirement accounts at former employers, lack of understanding of student loans, high stress, and lack of knowledge of employer benefits are just a few of the problems we help tackle.


Licenses and Memberships

Florida Insurance License
Registered Rep

NAIFA Member